Economics Fun Facts

A couple of months ago, I posted a Facebook status about the discount rate in climate change, titling it ‘Economics Fun Facts with Sanjukta’. My friends all saw a striking resemblance between the post and this:

And that gave me a brilliant idea – why not introduce my own segment of awesome economics facts?

I love the subject, and anything which could make it interesting to people who don’t know much, or who think it’s dull and boring, is always a good idea!

Let me know what you think of this idea, and about the facts themselves of course! As much as possible, I want to try linking them to current events, or at least make them more relatable. I’ll also provide definitions and explanations where needed – or link to external websites which do a better job than I could.

To find the facts themselves and to browse around, just scroll down after this post, where you’ll see three columns. The first widget in the middle column will be ‘pages’, and the facts are listed below the page ‘Economics Fun Facts’.

So here it is, my latest section. To accompany each post, my cousin suggested I attach this photo, so I shall.



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