About Me

Hi, I’m Sanjukta and this is my food blog, originally titled ‘Things I like to Cook’. (This naming game is harder than it looks, I’m telling you!) I’ve got a politics/current events blog too.

Food is a huge passion – but then again, find me a person who hates food and I shall show you a liar! I love the process of cooking but more than that, I love learning about different methods, cuisines, cultures and attitudes towards food. I hope to talk about that as well as share my favourite recipes with you.

Digging out recipes, shopping for the perfect ingredients and putting together a great dish, sometimes tweaked to accommodate my taste and budget, is one of my favourite things. It’s a great way to unwind and cooking with someone else is also a lot of fun!

I’m 26 and live in Budapest with my partner Andrew, who thankfully loves food and cooking as much as I do! We split the cooking at home and have the same approach to the process and the same taste – hurray! I’m also studying for a Masters in Poverty Reduction, with SOAS, so am on the look-out for easy-to-make, quick, fun but healthy recipes, packed with nutrition and energy. That’s the plan – watch as I drop the proverbial ball!

I’ve travelled a lot and been lucky enough to live in a variety of countries and experience a lot of different cultures. I come from an Indian family and grew up in Europe before moving to the UK for about six years.

I’m obsessed with finding out more about the world around me and other cultures. The first item on my Bucket List is to make sure I see as many different cultures as possible; as I learn something new, I want to share that with you too. My cooking reflects that. I adore Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

Being born in India of course means I love Indian food – but more specifically, south Indian food! It’s hard to find in restaurants and sadly, not very well known to many. I’m hoping to cook some of my favourite dishes from south India to show you how easy it can be and also how delicious – and totally different from the Indian food you normally find!

(I also *hate* the word ‘curry’. It annoys me, it’s generic, it’s a ridiculous distillation of a multitude of beautiful flavours and techniques into one dumb word. It doesn’t reflect the variety of cultures and countries who make this sort of amazing, flavourful, wholesome and comforting food. Curries can’t be bottled; they are not pastes which you just saute with some chicken and serve with boring rice and call it ‘An Indian’. Grr, etc. Having said that, I actually use it from time to time, because you can’t exactly share a recipe for a Thai green…thing, can you? For Indian food, I use the word ‘subji’, which actually means vegetable in Hindi, but Indians use it to refer to any primarily vegetable-based dish.)

Another thing I love about cooking different cuisines is discovering the origins of a dish, the significance of using certain spices and the techniques they use. I’m hoping to learn more about that and as I do, include that information in the recipes here.

I’ll be experimenting with recipes collected from other bloggers and chefs, as well as trying out new ideas. Where I’ve artistically borrowed – read stolen – recipes from others, I will of course credit them. But I wind up tweaking them all a little, either adding more of something or taking extraneous things out. Or making it easier and faster.

I’m hoping to experiment more, and I’m hoping this blog is the way for me to do that. As it stands I eat mainly vegetarian food, but a couple of times a week will throw in the odd chicken, bit of seafood or beef. I’m terrified of cooking lamb even though I LOVE IT and I hate pork. There, I said it.

So while my range could be limited – at least to start with -, bear with me. I’m gonna try!

Have a look through these recipes, tell me what you think, feel free to share thoughts/ideas/suggestions/whatever.

Bon apetit!




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