Green Living Adventure: Barcelona

I wanted to give myself some time after settling down in the city before I restart my greener living adventure. I’m trying to reduce the amount of non-sustainable waste in my life, minimise plastic and disposable waste (ideally cut it out altogether) and integrate the four rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose to my lifestyle.

From what I knew of the city before I came, I could tell it would be incredibly easy, because there are so many initiatives by the local government and local businesses to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of my first stops was Barcelona Sostenible, a joint initiative by the Catalan government, local NGOs, advocacy groups and small businesses. You can sign up for events and classes on how to live more sustainably, use their map of initiatives and businesses contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. It’s part of the global Greenmap project too, and I can see it’s done a lot to bring communities together around living a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

I want to start by exploring how to live without sustainable waste, or at least how to minimise it. Throughout this journey, I’m hoping to discuss the amazing local businesses, people and initiatives in Barcelona that make the whole thing exciting and creative, and how they’ve managed to get public support.

I can already see the challenges in this project because it’s unfortunately very difficult to cut out plastics and non-renewable materials completely. I know this should be an easy challenge for groceries, since most supermarkets charge for plastic bags and if you shop at a fruit-and-vegetable shop you can minimise the packaging on your produce. Dairy products will be a challenge though – where can I go to buy milk in a refillable glass container so I don’t need to keep recycling the tetra packs?

And who are we kidding, I adore cheese and that always comes in layers of packaging. Meat is also going to be difficult, even though I don’t eat much of it and prefer seafood now that the Mediterranean is on our doorstep – none of these are compostable, so I’ll need to find some way of reducing my carbon footprint in this area in particular.

I’m intrigued to see how it goes! Check out the blog every week or so for a new post (or subscribe to receive alerts!) and I’ll also post regularly on Instagram. Let me know if you’re doing something similar, and please share your ideas – I love to hear from you!


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