Check your Boys

I came across this video today and I’m not ashamed to say I watched it about half a dozen times.

This side of five years ago, we wouldn’t have seen this many videos, or these types of conversations happening at this level. This side of five years ago, when I asked my closest male friends if they were feminists, there was a moment of hesitation before they admitted that yeah OK, maybe they were – “but not one of those nutty types.” Obviously the negative connotations attached to the label of feminist haven’t disappeared by a long shot, but conversations like this are taking the whole idea so much farther than I could have imagined.

I’d only heard about all the dating quandaries women face these days through friends – but now I’m experiencing it, and it’s equal parts terrifying and empowering.

Empowering because we’ve created an environment where a woman ‘talking back’ when she’s been insulted, or doing as she pleases on a date without thought of what the date thinks, or taking charge of her own body and life, is encouraged and almost the norm.

Yes, we all face pressures when out dating, but I remember a time about five or six years ago when I may have hesitated before telling a date he was being misogynistic, or would have laughed at a joke I didn’t find funny, or would have dismissed an opinion simply because I wanted to get along with this person.

It’s liberating to no longer feel like that, and the fact that we as a society are talking about everyday, casual sexism in an open way has a huge part to play in that. It’s an exciting time to be a young woman!

Of course there are still instances which show us how much further we have to go when ‘branding’ the term ‘feminist’ – like this video of Emma Watson and Malala Yousefzai. It’s alarming that in this day and age, a young woman could ever consider not calling herself a feminist, but obviously we have to consider cultural, sociological and economic factors in these cases.

What do you think of the video, and the idea of ‘checking’ on men from different backgrounds?




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