Cucumber-Lemon Water

I’d come across the phenomenon that is ‘infused water’, but didn’t really pay attention. But today, the water supply to our building has been cut off all morning, and we should get it back later. I quickly went to the shop to stock up – this is about half of what I bought!


It’s a warm day, so I’ve been drinking lots, but I wanted some extra hydration and taste.  And I hate to say it, I’m getting bored of the taste of water, and didn’t want to make yet another mug of tea, which dehydrates anyway.

Enter ‘infused hipster water’. Sigh. So I turned to Pinterest, since I rarely do anything unless it allows me to, and found a few ideas. I know cucumber is great for refreshing hydration, and even though it’s acidic, on a day like this I couldn’t resist adding a lemon and some herbs too. The plan is to let the flavours steep for an hour before testing it.


It’s pretty simple: just collect all the nice flavours you’d like, add water, put it in a container and let it sit. I suppose it’s a bit like a flat lemonade, which makes me feel slightly less lame about blogging this, but not that much. I mostly just wanted something to do besides hoover during a study break.

I sliced a cucumber, lemon and took some sprigs of basil and rosemary from our plants, just for fun and a little extra flavour. Mix it all together with about 2 litres of water, pour back into a receptacle and enjoy!




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