Handmade Paper Flowers

I just received these beautiful hand-made paper flowers from Thailand, via Etsy!

They’re hand-made made by artisans from across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma, using recycled mulberry paper and natural dyes. The flowers are also lignin and acid-free. All the flowers come with a wire, easy to wrap around and manipulate so they’d also be really useful for crafts.

I love shops like this, who make the time to find out how they can work with local craftspeople to make a positive impact. In setting up an Etsy shop for these beautiful, colourful flowers, Swetta is making sure that she not only helps local women, but the use of natural dyes and recycled paper ensures that the environmental impact is also minimal.

I can’t wait to take them home and decorate the flat with these – just little vases and jars of flowers all over the place! I will post photos of those soon. What do you think?

I would highly recommend Swetta’s work and her impeccable customer service. I placed the order on 30 January, and received it today!


I’ve just arranged all of the flowers in different sized jars, to display around our home and I have to say, it’s looking great! Here are some photos of the jars all together. I’ve spaced them out throughout the flat, so they look like little bursts of colour which is exactly what I wanted.


I collect jars of all shapes, because they always come in useful to store food, stationery and any bits and bobs hanging around, and they also make excellent candle-holders!




I’ve wrapped the jars in sari silk which I bought from Julie’s wonderful Etsy shop. You may remember the Google Nexus case I made earlier, which also uses her beautiful and colourful scraps of leftover silk which is used to make saris in southern India. 













This gives a great contrast to the flowers and adds to the overall effect of colour everywhere, plus it also disguises the wire stems which don’t look all that elegant, if I’m being honest!

I’ve simply wrapped the ribbon around the jar and tied it with a bow, easy and fast and I really like how it looks. I’ve chosen a mix of multi- and single-coloured ribbon. For the white flowers, I loved the contrast of a muti-coloured silk ribbon but for the pink and red flowers, I liked having a simple blue, red or purple to go with it.

What do you think? I’ve linked to both of these sellers on Etsy so do check out their shops.



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