Avocado Hair Mask

It’s one of those days – watch ‘Thor 2: The Dark World’, do some reading and make an avocado hair mask.

The latest study year for my MSc will soon begin, so I’m getting ahead with some reading on Climate Change and Development.

Then I remembered we had some supremely over-ripe avocados hanging around, which I’d promised to “do something” with. So it’s now in my hair.

I haven’t taken pictures because quite frankly, you really don’t want to see me in a hair mask with a shower cap on. Here’s the mask before I pureed it – it looked like a dark green blob which under any other circumstance, you’d need to be paid to eat. But I love deep conditioners, and my thick south Indian hair loves them too, so here’s the ‘recipe’ for you to try at home.

Adding an egg yolk makes a hair conditioner much richer, with the high content of protein and lecithin which helps dry hair become smoother and thicker – but in a manage-able way!

And avocados of course, are not only delicious, but the high fat content, vitamin E and antioxidants also makes your hair silkier and softer.

After some deliberation (OK I was just being lazy) I decided not to separate the egg and just threw the whole thing in – shell included. I compost egg shells because of the magnesium and calcium so I figured, they couldn’t really be bad for hair, right?


So mix 1 avocado with 1 egg (or egg yolk, if you want to get technical) in a food processor until it’s really smooth and come together. It may look either dark green or even brown depending on its ripeness, but ignore the colour. It is so good for your hair.

Apply it to your hair, and you can then either comb it through or use your fingers to make sure it’s distributed throughout – root to tip. Then wrap your head in a shower cap and chill out for 15-20 minutes.


At this point, Thor and Heimdall are plotting how to get Natalie Portman out of Asgard before The Doctor comes to kill her and remove the redness. I’m going to watch it until they manage to get her out, which will also factor in the endless rewinding to watch the lovely Tom Hiddleston in his many memorable scenes, and then wash it out with shampoo, no conditioner, so I can see how well it’s worked.


UPDATE: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, put eggshells in a hair mask. I am phenomenally dumb. The long-suffering Andrew (who puts up with all my harebrained schemes) had to pick out tiny pieces of eggshell from my hair. Not my finest moment.


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