Profile: Home On Earth

Home on Earth is an incredible company with stylish products, combining fair trade practices with sustainable design to showcase how a product can be both good for the environment and treat the people who made it with dignity. Here’s a bit about their philosophy, taken from their website:

Our products combine sustainability and Nordic design, with its quality and elegance – without wasting resources along the production process. Home on Earth uses almost exclusively natural materials such as bamboo, wool, coconut, mango, hemp and cotton.

The use of reused and recyclable materials, along with the energy efficiency concept are key factors when we think about our new designs and select new products.

By designing most of our products and working directly with the producers, we can focus on improving working conditions and make production processes more human.

Thus, we can ensure a fair wage system while we generate more equitable labour relations. Home on Earth is synonymous with creativity, environmental awareness and well-being.

I’ve been to Barcelona a few times for work and stumbled across one of their shops off La Rambla, in the centre of town, with my sister-in-law, earlier this month. It’s a lovely and welcoming space, with staff who are eager to genuinely help and talk about the products, and even though they’re salespeople who likely work on commission, I wasn’t made to feel like a walking wallet. They all know about the products, where they come from and who has made them.

I met one of the owners Mette, during my first visit. She and her husband Stefan set up the company in 1998 to reflect their love of nature, culture and travel. She has a passion for design and shows this off through some beautiful items in the shop like these candle holders, made out of cassia bark. When candles are placed inside, not only is the effect beautiful, but the smell of cassia bark really does come across.










What do you think? There’s plenty of space inside to place a tea-light from IKEA and other spices as well, so I think once the smell starts to get weak, I might add whole spices inside, to allow the heat from the candles to perfume the area around it.


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