Fair Trade Tumi Wallet

I recently bought this beautiful wallet from Tumi, via their Amazon shop. For the princely sum of £20, I now have a beautiful, functional wallet that I know has been made with respect for the planet, and with a good wage for the person who made it. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s beautiful, too!



Taking its name from an Inca dagger, Tumi was founded in 1978 by Mo Fini promoting fair trade crafts and goods with Latin America, working closely with organisations such as Traidcraft and Oxfam Trading, specialising in wholesale distribution, retail and mail order online of world crafts.

Among other things, they sell fair trade jewellery, crafts, pottery, musical instruments, glass, tiles, paintings, games, toys, carvings, mirrors, hats, accessories, soft furnishings, plaques, dolls  and puppets via their website.

This wallet is handmade in Tumi’s workshops in La Paz, Bolivia and has a small panel of textile on the front. There’s a zipper compartment at the back as well as inside, and there is plenty of space for your cards and photos – as well as, of course, your cash and receipts!

Here are my photos of the wallet – I got it in burgundy, and you can see it’s a beautiful colour. It has that familiar lovely smell of leather and you can see the quality of the workmanship, too. I’ve taken some pictures of the inside, so you can see that it’s got plenty of space for cards, photos, different currencies and it’s got two zipper compartments too! It fits well in your hand and is slim, but has space for everything.



I’m really happy with this overall, and it feels great to have something handmade, with unique touches (no two wallets are the same since the fabric in front varies from piece to piece) and which is good for the environment, too. It came packaged really well and I would definitely recommend this to anyone!


Tumi also have a YouTube page so you can get more information about the products they sell, the artisans who make them and their philosophy.  


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