September Onwards

Hi everyone,

This is a slight deviation from my normal posts.

I’ve decided to expand my blog’s purpose, and start blogging about random thoughts, observations, comments etc.

Don’t worry, I will not be posting Taylor Swift gifs, talking about my love life, discussing what hair colour I should go for, what dress to wear, why I’ve decided to pick a fight with my best friend, or any of that jazz.

(If I ever go back on this, please, please, PLEASE remind me to get over myself and stop being a wanker).

I’ve decided to start writing about how we’re adjusting to, and enjoying, life in Budapest! Lots has changed since I last properly lived here about seven years ago, but a lot is still the same. I spent the last six years of my schooling here but haven’t properly lived here for a decent amount of time since I was 18.

My boyfriend teaches in a school and I am still in the process of finding a good job. I intend to carry on with my MSc in Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice.

We’ll be exploring the city, drinking and eating til we can’t take any more, then carry on indulging anyway!

There are a lot of cultural differences of course, but it’s been an amazing adventure so far.

We made the decision to move back after my entire bureau was made redundant and I had the choice of either finding another job in the UK, reapply as a student, marry my boyfriend, or leave.

It was a no-brainer. We were out.

And now here we are!

So, bear with me as I try out this whole personal blogging thing. As much as possible, I want to keep it funny, informative, insightful, when appropriate, artistic and poetic, but at all times, I want you to enjoy it.

I’m being serious – please let me know if it’s getting boring, too personal, has lost its humour etc. I want you to enjoy this, so let me know if that’s no longer the case!

(I will still be blogging about the political stories which you’ve – hopefully anyway! – enjoyed reading in the past, so don’t worry about that!)

Keep the comments coming!



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