Indian NGO becomes country’s first HAP-certified organisation

Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International (HAP), a multi-agency initiative working to improve the accountability of humanitarian action to people affected by disasters, has certified India’s first disaster relief organisation.
SEEDS Asia (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development) has branches in Japan and India, the latter of which has become India’s first HAP-certified organisation, further lending credibility to local institutions for disaster management.
SEEDS India offers assistance to those affected by natural disasters and those living in disaster-prone areas, as well as providing ongoing support to these communities during normal times. SEEDS builds shelters and uses local technologies and approaches to mitigate the risk of further disasters eroding the standard of living.
The organisation was founded in 1994 in India’s capital New Delhi. Since its creation, SEEDS has protected families against the effects of earthquakes, floods and cyclones. It has helped rebuild schools and homes and advocates among various local communities for support and assistance, as well as showing communities how to manage the risk of these disasters in the future.
Image courtesy SEEDS Asia

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