ActionAid, World Food Day and Land Grabbing

It’s World Food Day today, and here’s what ActionAid have to report on their progress to improve the lives of those dependent on food production:

If you want to talk about food, you have to start with land. That’s why we’re working with smallholder farmers around the world to help protect them against land grabs and defend their rights!

Half of the world’s food is produced by smallholder farmers and 8/10 of those farmers are women.


But rural women in developing countries are among the poorest and most neglected people worldwide; women control less than 2% of land globally despite the crucial role they play in food security.


Evelyn (pictured) is part of a Coalition of Women’s Farmers and a member of the Women’s Forum – a project initiated by ActionAid.

We’ve also been talking to people from all over the world about their concerns about land. In an innovative new text-message project, people have been texting in their priorities when it comes to land, which we’ve been tweeting out for the world to hear.

As part of its World Food Day programme, ActionAid are highlighting the importance of land grabbing and the role that governments must play to control it.

Leona Casey, Campaigns Officer at ActionAid, has written about this, quoting a community in Kisarwe, Tanzania:

We own the land and use it for different activities. At anytime the government can make the decision to transfer my land to another user.

Check out ActionAid’s page for more information about their campaigns to stop land grabbing and support sustainable rural farming, and join the conversation on Twitter. What does land grabbing mean to you?

What does World Food Day mean to you? Are there conversations you’d like to highlight, perspectives you’d like to share?


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