Capture the Colour: Travelsupermarket Photography Competition

Travelsupermarket are holding a photography competition titled ‘Capture the Colour’, where entrants are asked to submit 5 photographs from their travels showcasing these five colours: white, red, yellow, blue and green.

Here are my submissions, please do let me know what you think! The competition finishes today, so fingers crossed I get some good feedback!


White – Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu, India

This photo was taken in the Basilica of the Lady of our Good Health in Vailankanni in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Every time we’ve gone back to India since leaving 14 years ago, we try to make a trip to Vailankanni to the church. It’s particularly important to my father, and we all find a great deal of peace in the church and the small town surrounding it.

This is a shot of the outside of the basilica on a particularly sunny day, which highlights  the contrast between the building’s dramatic and theatrical white and the crisp blue of the sky.

Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu

Red – Gulmohar Flower, Madras, India

This is a gulmohar flower, also known by its Latin name Delonix regia. When we were children, we used to peel off the red sepals, exposing an adhesive green strip which we then attached to our nails to make witch nails before chasing each other around the playground.

This was taken outside my grandparents’ house in Madras.

After spotting the nearby tree, my brother and I enjoyed reliving our old childhood memories!

Gulmohar flower in Madras, Tamil Nadu

Yellow – Tokaji Wine Bottles in Tokaj, Hungary

My family have lived in Hungary for 12 years.

On a recent trip back home from London with my boyfriend, we spent a few days in the wine-making region called Tokaj. We toured the vineyards and sampled many delicacies!

This is a photo of wine bottles stored in the cellar of the Satöbbi vineyard. Cleverly-placed lights in the walls show off the colours and many varieties of Satöbbi wines, while also maintaining the appropriate temperature needed to age them.

Our tour guide, Erika, kindly talked us through their many varieties of wine, the wine-making process and allowed us to sample about eight different varieties!

I was especially taken with how well the bottles captured the beautiful yellow light, showing off the lovely amber hues of Tokaji’s world-famous sweet white wines.

Bottles of wine in the Satöbbi cellar. Tokaj, Hungary.

Blue – Malavika Vishwanath, Bangalore, India

This is my 14-year old cousin Malavika Vishwanath, who in 2010 won the gold medal for 100m freestyle in the 27th National Sub-junior Aquatic Championship in Bangalore, India.

This was taken on the last day of the tournament, where with a time of 1:03:70, she won a gold and secured a record as well!

It was an incredibly proud and emotional moment for me since it was the first time I had seen her swim and was lucky enough to photograph every stroke!

Malavika Vishwanath, swimming champion!

Green – Sweet Limes in Bangalore, India

Sweet limes are one of my favourite fruits and were a staple of my young childhood. This photograph was taken in a vegetable market which is held every day just outside my mother’s childhood home in Bangalore, India.

They are sweet but still tangy, something of a cross between a passion fruit, mango and orange. Fantastic on a hot day!

Sweet Limes in Bangalore, India

Please do let me know what you think, I hope you like these photos! Feedback and criticism are always welcome. Wish me luck!




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