450 Households in Kenya now have clean water

It’s not often we get good news out of Sub-Saharan Africa, especially so soon after a period of severe droughts. 

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement announced on their Facebook page that 450 households in Kenya now have access to clean water.

Three wells were built by the Red Cross in the Gubatu village, near the drought-prone region of Garissa in north-eastern Kenya.

This now means that an area which last year suffered from huge drought now has regular, reliable access to healthy water.

Bringing sustainable sources of clean water usually takes a lot longer, and in drought-prone regions of Africa, such projects are subject to a myriad political and bureaucratic hurdles. This achievement is all the more important due to the short amount of time taken, and the scale of its reach.

The International Red Cross hopes to increase the number of wells in the area in the next few years.

Photo courtesy Minna Passi / Finnish Red Cross

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