Pancetta and Spring Onion Scrambled Eggs

One of my favourite weekend brunches is scrambled eggs with coffee. It’s a Sunday tradition at home, which I’ve brought with me to London.

Scrambled eggs with a twist though! The base is always onion and tomatoes, and then we add whatever we want or have to hand. Often it’s just onions, tomatoes, parmesan and herbs. It’s amazing and can be surprisingly light, but really fill you up at the same time.

If it’s made close to noon, you’re not hungry again until dinner time. And it only takes 15 minutes to cook – the mise en place is really the time consuming bit!

This is our Saturday brunch staple – and this week it’s pancetta and spring onions!

Serves 2


2 spring onions, sliced

A handful of pancetta cubes

Salt and pepper to taste

4-5 eggs

30ml milk

A small handful of mint leaves, chopped – to garnish

Heat a medium sized frying pan and add the pancetta cubes. As the pan gets hotter it’ll release the fat – that’s what the whole dish is cooked in. Keep it on a medium heat to make sure all the fat’s released slowly. This also means the pancetta crisps evenly and properly. Keep stirring to make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan.

I like my pancetta really crisp, so let it brown quite a lot. Adjust this to suit you though. When the pancetta is about half as crisp as you’d like it to be, add the spring onions and stir again so they’re coated in the bacon-y goodness.

Add some salt here to draw out the moisture from the onions so it doesn’t dry out and force you to add oil. Throw in the pepper too.

Put the kettle on for some coffee. If you like it strong, this is enough time for it to brew in perfect time for your brunch!

While that’s going on, beat the eggs together with the milk in a smallish bowl. The more air bubbles you get in there the lighter it will be so keep going. You’ve got lots of time.

I like to add enough milk so the colour resembles custard. That gives the eggs a lovely creaminess and beating air into it makes sure it’s not too thick or rich.

Eggs beaten together with milk

Once that’s done, you’re about 5 minutes away. Turn the heat down on your pan, so that the eggs don’t overcook.

Now add the lovely egg and milk mixture.

Let it set a little bit around the edges, so it looks a little white, and then start stirring.

It doesn’t matter at all how you stir, so long as you make sure it’s a constant movement. It doesn’t need to be fast either. I find that doing lazy figure 8s works well.

Now is the perfect time for you to put some bread in the toaster.

Once the eggs have set – ie it’s not runny any more -, it’s done. Throw in the chopped mint leaves here, and stir again. If you’ve added milk it’s likely to take a little longer to cook the eggs, but they shouldn’t be completely dry – just not runny.

You don’t have to use mint at the end. Chives, basil or oregano work just as well. I chose mint because like the way the mint cuts through the pancetta and creamy eggs with that lovely fresh flavour.

We didn’t have any bread so I grabbed some pita instead – which works just as well. You actually end up getting more of an egg-bread ratio so that’s good!

Pour out the coffee and settle down with your favourite TV programme or book and enjoy!


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