Cheer up, have a balloon

Yellow balloons in Nairobi, Kenya this morning
Yellow balloons in Nairobi, Kenya this morning

As part of a planned global project aimed at dispelling Monday morning blues, an artist handed out yellow balloons to commuters in Kenya.

A team of volunteers handed out more than 10,000 balloons to people in Nairobi on their way to work. This is the third city in Yazmany Arboleda’s project ‘Monday Morning’. He’s distributed orange ones in Bangalore, India and green balloons in Yamaguchi, Japan.

He plans to continue the idea in New York as well as cities in Europe and Australia.

Arboleda told the BBC,

The big idea is to insert the iconography of celebration… [into] the habitual nature of working life. We’re celebrating them as they go to work and explaining that art is not just a photograph or a sculpture or a painting – it is this choreographed set of balloons as they spread throughout the city.

The timing couldn’t be better, since Kenyans have been on high alert for nearly a month. There have been two grenade attacks in Nairobi, after the government blamed Somalian al-Shabab militants for recent kidnappings and sent soldiers into Mogadishu.

Green balloons in Yamaguchi, Japan last year
Orange balloons in Bangalore, India distributed last year

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