Copenhagen Begins

The Copenhagen Summit kicked off this morning, with huge debates on major news channels on the possible outcomes.

Bjorn Lomberg, author of ‘Cool It’ told CNN that the treaty which will emerge after the summit is not in any way legally binding – rather, it will replace the Kyoto Treaty drafted at the end of the previous decade.

Nations such as China and India, leading carbon emitters in the developing world, are pledging to reduce their carbon footprint by 40-45% and 24% by 2020, respectively.

While this may appear impressive, this is the minimum amount required of nations who advance at a certain pace. Nations moving from a secondary (manufacturing) to tertiary (service) sector will in the process contribute larger amounts of waste to the environment. As a result, they are obliged to control their potentially harmful emissions as much as possible.

Whether or not member nations agree on stronger action to prevent environmental degradation, there is still a lot that we can do as individuals to help offset the damage we inflict on the planet.

Countries are, after all, collections of individuals and if our governments are pledging to cut down their emissions, the least we can do is match – and potentially exceed! – those goals.

There are simple, every day tasks (many of which, like recycling, most of us do anyway) which, if adopted on a regular basis, could not only help erase a lot of our carbon footprint, but could also be a lot of fun!

What will follow over the next few months is a collection of such ideas and thoughts as well as links to projects which suggest eco-friendly and manageable habits. Many of these could save us money and time, and help to make an actual difference to our individual output.

Side Note: Until I figure out how to file this as a separate section, I’ll be filing all these posts under a common category, ‘Copenhagen Summit’. If you’d like to see all the stories in this category, please scroll down and it will be under the ‘Category Cloud’. Let me know if you’re having problems seeing it!


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