YouTube – Is Gay Marriage Right or Wrong?

I came across this kid’s videos on YouTube and commented on them, naturally. I went back a few weeks later and the number of video responses and comments on his videos is crazy. Everyone is out to get this kid, and most of them don’t try and understand what he’s saying.

His original video has been deleted but some other people have uploaded them again, so here it is. Hopefully it stays on for a while.

If you listen, he’s not saying there’s anything wrong with being gay, he just doesn’t think it’s right for them to get married. Yes, he’s wrong to say that, to make a moral claim on it. Yes, he’s a silly little boy. But he’s just that – he’s not your Congressman or your MP, he’s just a very misinformed kid. It’s unlikely that any of today’s leading news channels would say that gay marriage is a sin, as he claims.

It’s right that we all have our views, but unless we’re hearing these opinions from professors, policy makers or people who can actually do anything about legislation, we should really learn to scale down our responses. It’s very unlikely this kid’ll get into politics and become someone of prominence who can actually do something about his bigoted views.

We should pick our battles and save our scathing comments for people who really deserve them, those who legislate that a man can’t marry another man, and who say that such couples won’t get the same economic and social benefits as heterosexual couples.

This kid later posted another video, asking people to stop calling him a ‘homo’ because of his first video, and here it is. I’m on his side to an extent; we shouldn’t give him that much importance because at this stage, all he is is a pre-teen who hasn’t seen much of the world, probably has never met a homosexual and therefore doesn’t realise they’re exactly the same as us.

See this video – it’s clear from the sort of view he has about evolution’s probability, and the creation of the world, that he’s had a certai kind of education. It’s all very well to dispute evolution, I’ve got nothing against creationists (even though I don’t believe in the theory). But with a kid who thinks that God’s will can stop terrorism, what do we really expect him to believe? We don’t honestly think that someone with a creationist education can actually believe that gay marriage is acceptable? I’m showing you this, to give you some idea of the kind of beliefs he’d have because of his education and his background. He doesn’t come from a liberal background, and it’s unlikely that he’d have much exposure to people with one, at least not yet. So take it easy on the kid, he’s just really naive right now.

Hopefully soon, he’ll meet the people he insults – and then understand that we are as entitled to our beliefs as he is, and no one side is wrong just because the other disagrees.


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