YouTube – Israeli Voices

In contrast to my previous post on Palestine; now we’re taking a look at what Israel feels and thinks. The videos are almost as heart-wrenching, and there is incredible human suffering on both sides.

What I’ve tried to do here is show you both sides of the conflict without using words, but without talking about the military or the government. As is often the case in the Middle East, the governments of Israel and Palestine are becoming more distant from their people as the days go on and the violence escalates.

Everyone just wants a normal life, where they don’t have to fear that everyday may be their last; and where their families can be safe and live peacefully.

Here are some stories from real people, real stories. On TV we get the ‘big picture’, stories of government deals and negotiations; and a story everytime there’s a suicide bombing. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, the casualties are human, and devastatingly so. This set of YouTube stories is to show you the smaller picture, so that we can all get a fuller image of the violence.

Please engage in a dialogue with me on this because we would all do well to keep both sides in mind when talking about the Holy Land.

The video below is very powerful – it tells the story of a Fatah soldier, wounded by Palestinians – they shoot his legs off. An Israeli soldier then saves his life.

The paradigm questioning that goes on after this incident is truly powerful. Leave a few minutes for it to sink in, then please comment.


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