Poll shows Obama racing ahead of McCain

There are just about 2 weeks left to the presidential election in the US – but of course you know this already.

It’s a close race to the finish line though, with Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican John McCain more than 12 points.

A Reuters/C-Span/Zogby poll says that’s because more independent and women voters are moving over to the Obama camp, giving him a lead of 52% to McCain’s 40%.

The lead in women voters increased to 18 points from 16 just yesterday

In the past week alone, Obama’s tripled his lead on McCain. Zogby adds that this expansion is “across the board. It seems to be among almost every demographic group.”

Independent voters have given Obama a 30% margin over McCain – he’s got 59% of their support compared to Mc Cain’s 29%.

The poll added that the issues Obama is winning ground on over McCain cover economics – particularly the housing and credit markets – and crucial social issues.

Importantly, it seems that the Democratic club’s stronger in its support of the 47-year old than the Republicans are of its 72-year old candidate.

Barack Obama has 86% of Democrats rallying behind him – compared to 81% supporting John McCain.

However, it still remains to be seen who will win the Electoral College. The 538-member group is allocated by the population of each state.


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